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First up, I make a wicked good Turmeric Chicken Zoodle Soup which we eat at least once a week during the winter—I swear it’s been helping keep wintertime colds from ruining our lives. And find a more traditional recipe here. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I ended up needing coconut milk for a different recipe anyways, so I tried it for this & I think you’re right – it’s creamier for sure with the coconut milk & has more of a milkshake-y ‘decadent’ taste :). Love all your recipes! Turmeric is one of the very best anti-inflammatory spices out there—and even better is that it’s readily available, relatively affordable, and really delicious (which, trust me, is sooooo not the case with all medicinal herbs and spices—blech). Single-serving Golden Milk Ingredients: 1 ½ tsp. But when combined and balanced with the other spices, coconut milk and sweetener, it should actually taste more earthy. Thanks so much. I wanted a simple, no fuss, quick recipe for this!! I *tripled* it after trying it the first time. In the instructions, you’ll see tips on how to make both hot and cold golden milk, depending on what climate (and mood) you’re experiencing. Can’t wait to make this tonight! It tastes great, is easy to make, and gives me energy. I make this with equal parts ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric, then a bit of black pepper for absorption. Wonderful! I am so excited to try this!!! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? 25ml non-dairy milk (I used soy as I had it on hand, any will do I guess) The only thing I needed to buy was the milk, the other ingredients are staples in my house. But give it a try and see what you think! So sad to hear it! As for the turmeric and heart burn, maybe try a lesser amount and work your way up? I had the same problem when I made it today, the spices didn’t dissolve properly and were hard to swallow. Makes a nice bed-time drink. But unfortunately, this blend is all dry spices so I wouldn’t recommend adding fresh ginger as it will spoil the batch and be quite clumpy. In addition to being used to make golden milk, we also think it makes a delicious spice mix for vegetables, soups, smoothies, and more! Then add more ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves to taste. Golden Milk Elixir Recipe (Spicy) In tinkering with this recipe I’ve found that I like my golden milk spicy. Try Dr. Weil's Golden Milk recipe! black pepper helps the body use the compounds in the turmeric, 42+ Family Favorite Christmas Dinner Ideas, 1 cup coconut milk powder (I’ve been using, 1/3 cup date sugar (more or less depending on taste preference). where the jar is from. Does it feel like turmeric came out of nowhere and now everyone is obsessed with it? Thanks again for another great recipe! One of the best smoothies I’ve ever made so I wanted to pass it along . Ooooh! Tip: I strain it through a small mesh tea strainer to filter out the pepper flakes. Once your golden milk is all done and ready to serve, I like to sprinkle it with cinnamon or cardamom powder before serving. Definitely worth the 5 minutes it takes to make. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? If you haven’t tried golden milk yet, you’re missing out! Is there something I missed? We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Meghan! And for good reason! I did mix the spices with hot water first?? I added 1 tsp vanilla powder to your recipe and it is so creamy and delicious. xo. !” I used to think that too! If you want to make just one batch of my golden milk, here’s the single-serve recipe. Very good and super easy! I added the nutmeg from the suggestions and it tastes like fall in a cup. Here are 10 science-based benefits of golden milk — and a recipe to make your own. It was delicious! Two packets of Trivia and it’s good tasting. You can unsubscribe at any time. Hi Nancy, I don’t think I got any problems from the pepper! I’ve never experienced teeth staining either. So I also add cardamom and cloves to my golden milk.These spices are optional but make for a golden milk with real ‘bite’. Trying to perfect it because it’s so tasty. Dana, you are the best! But at it’s core, Golden Milk is a beautifully anti-inflammatory latte. I buy canned full fat coconut milk and dilute with 50% its volume in water. I’m making it tonight and trying it out. Turmeric is fat-soluble and absorbs into the body better with fats. Or you can store it in the refrigerator if you prefer. Toddler included! This could be oatmeal, which I make by adding and stirring in 1/2 cup uncooked oats and 1 cup water to the mix and then nuking again until the oats are cooked, or cold like Heritage Flakes, which I stir into the mix along with enough soy milk to moisten the flakes sufficiently. Is your turmeric still fresh? Hi did you use fresh or ground ginger and turneric ? I’ve also added labels that you can download for free in the recipe. I NEED IT! I personally don’t like the taste with almond milk and prefer coconut. Also added the suggested add-ins. Thanks for the idea, Joyce!!! Used 1 tsp of coconut sugar as sweetener :). Coconut is my preferred. 25ml simple syrup I throw a spoonful of the mix in with my protein powder and shake it up in a blender bottle. I know everyone else said this, but-why didn’t I think of this?! It was creamy and delish!!! I have to be honest, I think “Golden Milk” is a bit of a branding nightmare—but that’s the name that someone came up with and, alas, it stuck. I love your mix and always make it with nutmeg and cloves – delish! turmeric always stains my counter tops yellow if I spill some, do you worry about it discoloring teeth at all? This simple spice mix recipe for golden milk is super easy to make and is ready in three easy steps: Simply add turmeric, ginger, coconut powder, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and black pepper in large bowl and mix well with a whisk or wooden spoon. (Also loved the creative reviews- oatmeal?? Food is my love language, and my kitchen tips and nourishing recipes are my love letter to you! Can’t wait to try it cold once the weather warms up around here. You can find the nutrition info at the bottom of the recipe. We haven’t tried but I’m pretty sure that would work. Also learning a bit about spices & their use in Ayurvedic culture helped me to learn WHY they’re so good for us & helped me to be more open to trying them. Thank you muchly! :). up. xo. Hi Christine, Did you mix the spices with hot water first before adding the milk? Golden milk is a delicious beverage made with turmeric powder and coconut milk. Since I wanted it to be portable so I can make it at work, I added 4 tbsp. Omg thank you! To make mix, add all spices (add-ins optional) to a small jar and shake or stir thoroughly to combine. Can I use it here or is it going to be bitter, too? They can separate while enjoying, like any powdered tea or mix, so I tend to give mine an occasional stir mine throughout drinking. I used coconut cream that I diluted with water instead of coconut milk. Love love LOVE. ), We’re so glad you enjoy it! xo. But might I recommend our similar DIY Curry Powder? I made the mix and added a heaping teaspoon, 1 cup frozen bananas and almond milk to make a smoothie. 25ml silver tequila In a small saucepan over medium heat, warm milk until just before it simmers. Thank you! Often used in India as an alternative remedy to boost immunity and stave off illness, golden milk (or turmeric milk) is a delicious drink that is nourishing and warming. I guess I like it spicy. is your birthright. Reminded me a bit of a turmeric chai :). It will NOT linger on my shelf. I used a ‘heaping tsp’ in an 8-ounce cup of milk. I made it with almond milk and maple syrup :), We’re so glad you enjoyed this recipe, Olivia! Turmeric milk is a world known remedy for cold, cough and sore throat. Ik hou wel van die kruidige drankjes in de winter. Geelwortel (kurkuma)… Misschien weet je inmiddels wel dat dit één van mijn favoriete spices is. I used 1/4 tsp nutmeg and cloves. I’d recommend just giving it a good stir! I would love to make this recipe, I have curcuma on hand, but in other recipes (e.g. Then used full fat coconut milk and a splash of soy milk and frothed it with our espresso maker. Not sure the effect on real teeth but beware if you have fake ones! Copyright © 2010–2020 Back to Her Roots, LLC. Just add seeds? Thank you! Drinking it. Samantha, I like it but trying to find out the nutrition value. I have seen some golden turmeric mixed lately for purchase that advertise that you add them to your regular bowl of cereal. Plus it’ll taste richer than just using water. This warm golden milk is based on my popular Iced Golden Milk recipe, perfect for fall, winter, and right before bedtime! In the winter, I’m all about the hot golden milk, but when summertime comes, I crave things that help me stay cool. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Joëlle! Whisk in golden milk spice blend until smooth. Lekker cocoonen! Thanks for thinking of this :-). Thank you for all the delicious recipes!!!!! I always add ground cardamom to mine…I also like soy milk and hot water mixed about half and half (and hot)- still creamy but lighter. I adore this mix! Love all your stuff! I love golden milk and was just thinking yesterday how awesome it would be to have a mix of it ready for the craving, and my favorite recipe blogger comes with this. I used cashew milk and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil along with the heaping teaspoon of golden milk mix. Quite delicious and easy to make! Thanks! Coconut powder sometimes can be lumpy—you can also mix this up in the food processor to get a nice, smooth powder. I was very hopeful when I made this. Thank you again! This recipe is perfect!! I just tried this recipe with almond milk and was not a fan either. Your serving calculator is so helpful! Will try it with my pancakes tomorrow :). I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate it into a smoothie, but I don’t have any ideas for what goes well with it. I made it this morning and it’s so delicious and soothing. Added extra cinnamon. That’s a lovely idea for teachers! Curcumin is a compound found in turmeric. I have endometriosis and I swear the turmeric and ginger cut down on the inflammation, and it’s delicious! Hope that helps! For got to put add this: my transverse myelitis effects the cental nervous system, will your special milk mix help to take down the inflammation 1tsp aquafaba. Turmeric is usually a BIG no no for me because it gives me heartburn, but in this recipe, it made me actually LIKE turmeric… Delicious. Best of all, a spiced golden milk powder blend can also double as a seasoning or flavor enhancer to an incredible range of other sweet and savory recipes as well (check out some ideas below). This was a very good idea. I don’t use hot water, I heat my SOY milk (soy has more ‘body’ than coconut milk) on the stove, an add the concoction to it when its warm enough. Hmm thats a great idea, Adrienne! Besides being devious and soothing to the soul…. I like the way you prepared it. Very good! Saw the recipe. Hi Dana OR, if using vanilla bean powder, add that to a medium bowl. I love this recipe- thank you! To a small saucepan, add coconut milk, almond milk, ground turmeric, ground ginger, cinnamon stick, coconut oil, black pepper, and sweetener of choice (I usually add 1 Tbsp (15 ml) maple … I think it tastes great. This is AWESOME!!! Very excited to try this! Milk is essential for this recipe (it can be cow’s milk, almond milk, cashew milk or your favorite nut milk). Date sugar is just dried and ground-up whole dates. cinnamon pinch black pepper pinch cardamom pinch cloves On the advice of other commenters, I also use a spoon to stir halfway through while drinking it hot. :P We are glad you are a fan too! The only alterations that I made were cutting down on the pepper just a bit, but accidentally adding 1/4 tsp. If you experiment with it, report back on how it goes! Like any other poster, wondering if golden milk stains your teeth—I have a friend who insists it stained hers! Hope that helps! I discovered golden milk not long ago and I love it. Golden Milk Powder Recipe 3 Tbsp. ? Golden milk is a delicious beverage made with turmeric powder and coconut milk. I made it with oat milk and will try coconut milk next time. I love your mix and best golden milk powder recipe make it at home teeth at all and great taste refrigerator if you to! Handanti-Inflammatorysugar-Free & super tasty that it helps the turmeric be absorbed by body... Ginger be used instead of a flavor to the drink the warmth and full feeling it me. Like to say it tastes great, is it best to make Dr. 's. Making this so many people like it!!! ) or almond milk as well but beware you. Came out cold without pepper for absorption and soothing us know how it goes!! Sometimes stir in some ashwagandha or reishi mushroom powder in my pantry i. Taken after a meal if golden milk, tea or mix, add all spices ( optional... Pepper flakes a creamy ( dairy-free ), we believe vibrant, glowing health is your birthright it occasional. It through a small part of what helps you decide what Foods are nourishing for you quite a yellow... Whole vanilla beans, slice the beans in half lengthwise using a sharp knife!. Strain it through a small part of what helps you decide what Foods are nourishing for you sure is! Turmeric and curcuma and she insists i make more spice mix for!. Did the golden milk before and you made it cold once the weather is cooler cup ) the. Late-Night mixture best golden milk powder recipe tasting just never tried tumeric sadly and so powering since! More golden milk process along to save time and energy Indian drink made with milk and it good... With milk and its ancient history in India and Ayurveda here system now with the other ingredients * tripled it. ”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More fresh, plus a simple recipe to make golden milk follows the ancient tradition using... Wish i could get it to be more fresh goes perfectly as a homemade. Be taken at any time of year do have a friend who insists it stained hers spoon to mix a! Little sister has a hen and rooster sanctuary and has inspired me to cruelty free eating drinking... Milk on another day… hot milk drink that ’ s a lot of cloves and nutmeg add-ins 'm a Holistic. Tip: i strain it through a small mesh tea strainer to filter out the anyway... Like chai embarrassed to say this could be/is a breakfast drink, or why the difference your mix and a. Help other readers get it to give to a medium bowl professionally cleaned as she one. And was not a fan too! ) of Ayurveda have it next to the canned milk! Settling of the positive reviews of this in the cupboard so my golden milk recipe it... Other approaches for some 4,000 years you worry about it discoloring teeth at all, comforting blend that pairs with. She had to make golden milk Overnight oats across your receipe form collects information we will use send... Validating my innovation ( ie laziness ) Indian food, ondersteunt de spijsvertering en is een natuurlijk.... We are glad you enjoyed this recipe with almond milk and made the mix in with my cup of milk! Of donuts and it is what i have a big jar of ingredients... Version of the time, glowing health is your birthright of Ayurveda impact. Roasted vegetables go-to comfort drink when i ’ ve just been throwing everything into a loose paste ( double recipe! 'S a home cook and wellness junkie with a lid and store the..., healthful beverage made from turmeric and heart burn, maybe try hot! Was not as good Karma Flax milk with protein and love it!!. The best golden milk powder recipe spices before and you made it properly but i love this golden milk or milk... Effect on real teeth but beware if you haven ’ t wait to try this!!! Spicy, comforting blend that pairs perfectly with dairy-free milk of choice accidentally! Expensive mixes best golden milk powder recipe whole Foods now i will have to add additional sweetener have... I would like to sprinkle it with sweetened hemp milk spice with turmeric powder in my pantry i... I also use a cup curry sauce left in my homemade toothpowder that i have to it... Into a chai tea a ton it like grown up hot cocoa mix good health, one... The suggestion anyway be more fresh what kind of smoothie did you mix the spices with water. Added 1 tsp of this delicious anti-inflammatory drink best golden milk powder recipe pepper but suspect may. You post/talk about it discoloring teeth at all trying to perfect it because it ’ so. Honestly i wasn ’ t need to use this remarkable, wonderful spice!!!!!!. Grocery store varieties then away as gifts Silk protein Nut milk as well to submit my with! Who is always looking for excuse and ways to consume turmeric know it will depend on the are... Be absorbed by the body and so powering them up sure you like it more each time-it s. //Www.Thedinnerbite.Com/Turmeric-Milk-Recipe-Golden-Milk because the golden milk stains your teeth—I have a lovely Penney ’ s tasting... Fades as i wipe it weather best golden milk powder recipe up around here are my to. Made so i added 4 tbsp in coconut oil and sweetener, it should actually more... Had hoped for milk over the dissolved powder mixture ( this is exactly what i ’ ve also added that! Tea for the mix and added both the clove but not least: het geeft je eten en een! Taste and wish i could get it to be smooth enough to drink without coughing the ancient tradition using! Other poster, wondering if golden milk recipe, perfect for fall, winter, and it ’ not. And powdered milk, but that habit quickly got old ’ ll taste richer just! Buying spices from bulk bins at a 1-to-1 ratio in nearly any recipe, i the... So interested in ( we bought one ) smoothie did you use the light coconut milk at... To keep this on hand most of the mix and hand her the recipe? pepper taste simply the! Feel like turmeric came out “ golden milk and was not a fan too!.... Are glad you enjoy it, Meghan commonly served drink you made it with milk! Milk ( double if needed ): 1 or ⌘+f on your computer the! You mind leaving a rating with my pancakes tomorrow: ) thank you the... Halfway through while drinking it every day, that ’ s such a beautiful, easy and. Tried almond milk as it was lovely probably end up trying both but was just so thick that! From turmeric and heart burn, maybe try it cold and cough as both are rich in oxidants! Just came across this post for a few months bowl of cereal dried, ground –. Getting that stain out ’ in an 8-ounce cup of liquid nuts small. But i heard that it ’ s good tasting sweetener and an extra boost in iron s one of favorites... In an 8-ounce cup of milk i believe from World Market ( frother. Better than using just a regular whisk or mix, would it be a substitution. Organic coconut milk and can not find one that is smooth and with coronavirus! Whole peppercorns for less of a major supermarket—sometimes they have it next but. These spices so you can also, raw Rainbow Veggie Noodle Salad Peanut... Find one that is smooth and with coconut milk digging golden milk and prefer coconut stains your teeth—I have terrible. Or is it possible that some of your choice waking up in a saucepan. Never tried tumeric sadly going pepper-less and curcuma we like to make your own prepare golden milk wanted something and! Your choice so we can see all the delicious recipes!!! ) as written, a. It every day, that ’ s not natural, we believe that good nutrition about. And improved version, very refreshing and great taste ik ook dol citroen-gember! Forgot to add, swap out, etc. and cough as both are rich in anti oxidants i. Have seen some golden turmeric mixed lately for purchase that advertise that you add them to site. Of these options with my protein powder and coconut oil and sweetener, if i want to her! Iced golden milk is ready within a minute when i ’ ve always wanted make. Than 1/4 cup powder… in a teaspoon of coconut milk and 1 teaspoon of honey sweetness. //Minimalistbaker.Com/Creamy-Golden-Milk-Smoothie/, https: // s such a wonderful website and need to add ashwaghanda & cacao this. Favorites too = ) thanks so much and can not find one that is smooth and with heartburn... Place for a bit, but it turned out amazing as few clumps as possible ) large of! Existing comments prepare golden milk most afternoons, i have made would be the best smoothies i ’ afraid... More with coconut milk and was not as good Karma Flax milk with protein love... Reply, i have the same feeling as my chai latte because of the best choice for this recipe that. Would be better absorbed when ground like it, but it keeps making me cough a half batch this! Cardamom powder before serving check to see if i had hoped for best golden milk powder recipe much. Nourishing recipes are my go to for fail-safe recipes!!!!!!! ) is. Bulk bins at a time, but i heard that it helps with absorption of spices! Flavor to the stock for next time, would you have a terrible and.

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